Turnberry Ocean Club Sunny Isles Beach

18501 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

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Unit Price MLS# Beds/Baths Sq.Ft. $/Foot Change Listed Details
6 Bedrooms
TS5201 $26,950,000 A11029985 6 9/1 10,750 $2,507 NEW Apr 26, 2021
5 Bedrooms
$16,500,000 A11013222 5 7/1 6,695 $2,465 Mar 16, 2021
4 Bedrooms
4703 $10,950,000 A11006285 4 5/1 6,225 $1,759 NEW Apr 14, 2021
3504 $7,500,000 A11025241 4 5/1 NEW Apr 8, 2021
2201 $6,300,000 A11005912 4 5/1 3,625 $1,738 Mar 12, 2021
1804 $6,150,000 A10998957 4 5/1 4,485 $1,371 Mar 4, 2021
4104 $5,715,000 A11007703 4 5/1 3,625 $1,577 4.86% Mar 10, 2021
1901 $5,700,000 A11031230 4 5/1 NEW Apr 21, 2021
4304 $5,695,000 A11025468 4 5/1 3,252 $1,751 NEW Apr 16, 2021
3801 $5,349,820 A11033195 4 5/1 3,625 $1,476 NEW Apr 28, 2021
501 $4,950,000 A11004532 4 5/1 4,485 $1,104 3.23% Feb 25, 2021
401 $4,651,000 A11033287 4 5/1 3,625 $1,283 NEW Apr 28, 2021
3 Bedrooms
1503 $5,900,000 A11022461 3 4/1 Apr 2, 2021
2003 $4,795,000 A11033139 3 4/1 2,589 $1,852 NEW Apr 26, 2021
3903 $4,680,000 A11004403 3 4/1 3,110 $1,505 Mar 16, 2021
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5 listings for rent
Unit Price MLS# Beds/Baths Sq.Ft. $/Foot Change Listed Details
4 Bedrooms
1804 $35,000 A11032461 4 5/1 4,485 $8 NEW Apr 23, 2021 View
501 $32,500 A11015512 4 5/1 3,625 $9 13.33% Mar 18, 2021 View
3 Bedrooms
1503 $29,000 A11000618 3 4/1 2,900 $10 Mar 5, 2021 View
703 $25,000 A10990564 3 4/1 2,900 $9 Jan 28, 2021 View
1103 $25,000 A11034219 3 4/1 2,797 $9 NEW Apr 28, 2021 View
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Unit Price MLS# Beds/Baths Sq.Ft. $/Foot Change Listed Details
4 Bedrooms
601 $4,628,000 A11006950 4 5/1 3,625 $1,277 Mar 2, 2021 View
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General Information
Total residences in the building 154
Number of Stories 54
Year Built 2020
Average Maintenance Cost $1.08 Per Square Foot
Pets Allowed NO
Valet Service NO
Oceanview From The Building YES
Currently Available For Sale and Rent
Total residences for sale 15
Total residences for rent 3
Average price per square foot 1699
Maximum price per square foot 2507
Minimum price per square foot 1104
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Average price per square foot 0
Maximum price per square foot 0
Minimum price per square foot 0
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Turnberry Ocean Club is an elite project by Geoffrey Soffer of Turnberry Associate, which is a magnificent condominium in one of the most geographically advantageous and attractive locations in Sunny Isles Beach. The exclusive tower is located at 18501 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160, and the very location of the building already shows its status and high standard of living.

The 54-storey (649 feet or 197 meters high) glass condominium was designed by Carlos Zapata and Robert Swedroe. The original architecture, subtly reminiscent of the carcasses of ships, includes the rare convenience and functionality in the use of space, which are manifested in the almost rectangular shape of the skyscraper. The shape of the building allowed for creation of spacious residences with a comfortable "smooth" layout and stunning views of the Atlantic waters. Vertically divided by spacious terraces, the building is recognizable from afar and instantly attracts attention among the skyscrapers of Sunny Isles Beach.

The height of the building tends to be extreme: in Sunny Isles Beach, the Turnberry Ocean Club is one of the tallest towers, surpassed by only a few skyscrapers. Due to the large area, the neighboring apartment buildings are significantly distant from the condominium and residents can enjoy stunning views from each floor.

Turnberry Ocean Club has 154 luxury residences ranging from 2,750 to over 10,000 square feet (255 to 930 sq. m.). The highlight of the building is its large panoramic spaces offering magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, Dumfoundling Bay, the coastal canal and the lush greenery of Aventura. Balconies in all apartments are at least 11 feet (3.3 meters) deep. Panoramic views of the ocean and the bay open from glazed terraces adorned with tropical plants, from a luxurious three-storey lobby with private meeting areas, and a variety of relaxation and wellness facilities.

You won’t stay indifferent after seeing and appreciating all the splendor of the Turnberry Ocean Club! The resort-style infinity pool cascades down into the ocean. Residents can relax there or on a private beach with lush landscapes, white sand and changing cabins.

You’ll be amazed by the grand multi-level private club, which is located 300 feet (27 meters) above sea level and includes: Hammam Spa, massage rooms, infinity pools, wine cellar, lounges, gym with the latest exercise equipment, dining rooms, gala rooms and a library. Turnberry Ocean Club uses professional equipment and the latest technology, and the design will make an indelible impression on the most discerning customer. Everything that may be necessary is provided here.

On the 30th floor, there is a spacious three-level terrace with a unique swimming pool that overlooks the building and has a 270-degree viewing angle. There is also a bar with dozens of different types of drinks that allow guests to quench their thirst on a comfortable sun lounger. There are 35 dressing cabins and a huge fitness center at the disposal of residents, providing for all types of fitness programs.

Turnberry Ocean Club residents enjoy privileged access to sports areas and amenities at the Turnberry Isle Resort. Club members have access to large golf courses, tennis tables and courts, as well as classes at the pier.

Turnberry Ocean Club offers residences with 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms. All apartments have a family and staff rooms with a private bathroom. The apartments have high 10-foot (3-meter) ceilings, and the duplex residences have a living room with a 20-foot (6-meter) ceiling.

All apartments have elite plumbing and high-speed communication technologies. The kitchens are equipped with a full set of professional equipment for preparing restaurant dishes. There is a separate summer kitchen with a grill on the terraces.

The convenience of the building lies in its prime location and close proximity to the ocean. Shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants and bars are nearby, which allows you to always be in the epicenter of Miami life and keep abreast of the latest innovations in the world of high fashion.

Turnberry Associates — Turnberry Ocean Club developer — is an experienced company founded more than 50 years ago. Turnberry Associates' portfolio includes Turnberry Ocean Colony and Turnberry Isles, as well as hospital, retail, and commercial projects. Turnberry Ocean Club continues this successful formula of world-class real estate creation, which complements the list of masterpieces in contemporary buildings.

Living in Miami is an endless feast for the senses. Turnberry Ocean Club makes this life accessible!


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